Welcome to Colleen's Bitch-Free Recovery Zone
Join our tribe of emotionally sober-ish women working on getting our shit together so we can rule the world (with love and peace, of course).
Welcome to Colleen's
Bitch-Free Recovery Zone
The secret to mastering emotional sobriety is to join a tribe that normalizes intellectual growth and spiritual well-being. 
Get guidance, support and accountability. The Bitch-Free Recovery Zone includes:
The Foundations of Emotional Sobriety Course: Get the "lingo," principles and strategies that will teach you HOW to shift your focus away from the problem and on to the solution. (Seven audio lessons + workbook) 
Friends: Connect with women who understand the struggle and share your commitment to overcoming the obstacles. Vulnerability fosters intimacy. 
Positive, action-oriented conversations: Learn how to trim your stories to "three sentences or less" so you can focus on the only facts that matter--your feelings. (Not to be mistaken for shitty thoughts and self-destructive beliefs--the opinions, assumptions and judgments making you miserable).
Brain food: Meditations, recipes, resources and recommendations, plus all of Colleen's weekly content. 
If you want to change your mind, change your tribe.
This group is not free. Why?
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  • Free-seekers take attention, not action. The paywall weeds out distractions and up-levels the quality of our conversations.
  • Free shit goes unused and gets thrown away. When was the last time something free changed your life? It can't...you have to put your money where your mouth is.
  • Karma. Reciprocation. Gratitude. Acknowledgment.
  • Colleen and her 3-woman admin support team work full time to support YOUR recovery.
   Your investment: $20/month  
  •   Fee waived for active The Next Chapter members. 
  •   Cancel anytime. 
  • No refunds.
Our tribe embodies the spirit of fierce determination and unwavering support, propelling one another forward on the path to personal growth and fulfillment. We are warriors, advocates, and healers, bound by a shared commitment to nurturing our souls and amplifying our collective voices.
Do you need emotional sobriety?
Regardless of how sober or hungover you are, you have energy and mood swings, an inability to make decisions and symptoms of ADHD.
The desire to quit drinking arises after a binge/blackout/bad behavior. Which means that you're motivated by shame and fear. 
You're able to stay sober for weeks or even months at a time. But once you feel good again (shame/fear are in check),  your motivation to “be good” disappears. 
You've tried drinking in moderation... Going to meetings, reading quit-lit, listening to podcasts, and even seeing therapists and counselors... But you still struggle with cravings for alcohol. 
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