Recover With Colleen 10-Day Course
Taking a break from alcohol to reset your tolerance won't work unless you also reset your beliefs.
Give me 10 days to eliminate your desire to drink
Get evidence-based skills and step-by-step strategies to change the way you think about alcohol so you can drink like a normal person.
Alcohol is not the problem. Your beliefs about alcohol (and what it can do for you) are the problem.
Learning how to enjoy yourself sober is the only way to actually have a choice about when and how much you drink. Over the next 10 days, learn how to:
Restore your baseline levels of dopamine so that you no longer feel like you need a drink
Lower cortisol so that you feel comfortable in your own skin
Break your emotional attachment to the idea that over-drinking is "fun" and "relaxing."
Practice compassion for yourself in the full spectrum of human experience so you no longer feel depressed and agitated when you're alone
Align with your true purpose in life so you can stop identifying as a drinker...or worse, an alcoholic.
Pursue happiness. Not sobriety. Because happy people don't drink themselves into a stupor.
Reset your "off" switch so that you have full access to self-control
Reclaim your time, energy and focus instead of worrying you'll lose everything
Wake up feeling refreshed and motivated instead of exhausted and guilty
Never have to second-guess what happened because you were drinking
Feel more connected with family, friends and coworkers because you're no longer hiding a shameful secret
No more dark circles, dull skin, thinning hair and bloodshot eyes. Look and feel better than you have in years instead of hoping nobody looks too closely
With results like these:
"If someone told me three months ago that I'd not only quit drinking but also be HAPPY about it, I wouldn't have believed it."
"I've spent my entire adult life trying to control my drinking. And now I don't want it anymore. Colleen is amazing."
"This course has given me the tools to change how I show up in my life. Quitting drinking is just the beginning."
It's no wonder my clients are RAVING about this evidenced-based approach to recovery.
Drinking started out as a reward. Then it became a solution to stress. Now, it's not working because alcohol changes your brain chemistry.

It's not your fault. None of us knew that.

Being mindful that alcohol is causing problems in your life doesn't make you an alcoholic. It makes you smarter than the average drinker. Something is right with you, not wrong. 

All that matters now is how you respond.

Emotional sobriety is the ability to deal with life as it is, not as it should be.

Even so, you might be worried that your friends will stop inviting you out. You're assuming that sobriety is boring and lame. How do you go out for drinks if you don't drink?

You might also be worried you won't be able to hang with the big boys at the big meetings. Because drinking is part of the culture of success. How do you schmooze without the booze?

Maybe you're worried about what to say when others notice you're not drinking.Will people assume you're an alcoholic and think less of you?

I offer a stream-lined approach that will answer all of your questions about quitting drinking so that you can feel calm, clear and confident with your decision.

Just imagine the relief you'll feel knowing there is nothing wrong with you or your desire and ability to act in your own best interest.

Going alcohol-free is the fastest way to recover. Sobriety is a bridge, not the destination.

Redefining sobriety as self-care is the SECRET to transforming an alcohol-free status into a superpower. 
Identify as a person who takes care of herself instead of as an "alcoholic" or even "sober." Sobriety is just one of many self-care practices that allow you to live your best life--like a full night's sleep, a good workout or having all your food prepped for the week. 
Curb your desire for alcohol by nurturing your desire to be healthy. Feeling good and proud of yourself is addictive too. What you pay attention to grows. What you neglect dies.
Create a social strategy for parties and events so you feel confident holding a non-alcoholic beverage even when everyone else is drinking.
Stop fearing cravings by addressing the root cause. Get clear on what you really need so you no longer feel like you need to escape your own life.
Develop a profound sense of connection and self-respect with simple routines so that you no longer feel lonely and weak.
Address the unspoken rules that govern your life. You don't need permission or approval to set boundaries when you have nothing to hide.
Learn strategies to manage stress and regulate your nervous system so that you feel less reactive and more resilient.
Love yourself as a work in progress. Learn how to resolve ambivalence and move through the change process by focusing on where you're going instead of where you've been.
The hardest part of quitting drinking is making the decision to quit drinking.

Punishing. Bargaining. Promising. Justifying.
One more drink
All of this happens inside of your head. It's exhausting.
The longer you delay taking action, the worse it’s going to get.
You can’t know how it feels to be sober.


You DECIDE to quit drinking.

This decision is sacred.
You'll never forget the moment you chose yourself over alcohol.
So I could respond to every obstacle and concern in real time.
The price tag for my all inclusive package was $3000. 
Working closely with so many women from different walks of life has allowed me to
offer this transformational course to YOU at a fraction of the price.
You don’t want to entrust your mental health to a volunteer sponsor or to someone who treats sobriety like a religion.
Or genuflect to the Big Book of character defects written by white men 90 years ago.
You want to peacefully coexist with alcohol--not be defined as a sober alcoholic. You'd like to drink in moderation if and when it feels healthy.
You are willing to pay for a coaching program to help you avoid pitfalls and setbacks and accelerate the change process.
You're sick and tired of being sick and tired. You're ready to let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you–no bullshit and no blame.
Day 1:
Set Your Expectations
Get the details about detox and withdrawal and a comprehensive survival guide for the next ten days.
Day 2:
Find Your Why

Get clear on why YOU want to change. Create a vision for who you are independent of the "drinker" identity.
Day 3:
Immerse Your Mindset
Addiction is a learning process. So is breaking an addiction. Learn how to accelerate your recovery with self-directed neuroplasticity.
Day 4:
Managing Life
Develop strategies to minimize anxiety in social situations as you navigate the world without alcohol.
Day 5:
Triggers & Cravings
Learn how to handle physical and psychological urges and what to do when temptation feels overwhelming.
Alcohol is a neurotoxic, carcinogenic, addictive depressant drug. Challenge the beliefs about alcohol that trigger over-drinking.
Day 7:
Intoxicated Culture
Look behind the curtain at the marketing campaigns that advise you to drink responsibly so you can think responsibly.
Day 8:
Beliefs vs. Reality
Contrast fiction with facts as you explore the effects of alcohol on your relationships and mental health.
Day 9:
The Nervous System
Learn how to reduce burnout and overwhelm and truly soothe yourself in stressful situations so that tomorrow is better.
Day 10:
Non Drinker Identity
Sobriety is a superpower, not a disease. Reframe your decision to quit with intelligence and confidence.
Focus Forward.

Peace of mind is having support systems and backup plans in place before you need them.
The curriculum in this program is based on outcomes and feedback of my first year clients who paid $3000 each.

It's co-creation has been a labor of love.
Spontaneous Sobriety Values At $598 - You're getting a 50% discount
Results are Guaranteed!
My clients' results are proof this course works IF you work it.

After completing 7 of the 10 modules, if you are not satisfied or you feel that my strategies are not a good fit, email
to request a full and hassle-free refund.

Instant and permanent access to 10 Days to Spontaneous Sobriety includes 10 lessons + 1 bonus lesson (training videos with companion reading and reflection exercises) AND weekly Q&A calls with Colleen. Come for support and camaraderie each week.
BONUS #1: Get one FREE private coaching call with Colleen to discuss your personal plan for recovery ($200 value)
Join my tribe for a deep dive into mental health and emotional sobriety. Develop the coping skills you need to feel resilient and grounded. Meet and make friends with like-minded women who are also forging their own path to recovery.

Creating a new identity that excites you will eliminate your desire to drink so that you can fall in love with alcohol-free version of your life.

Because YOU matter.
" After being a daily drinker for twenty years,
I quit without difficulty "
"After being a daily drinker for twenty years, I quit without difficulty after joining Colleen’s program. I was surprised by how easy and good it felt. The true test came 7 months later. I tried drinking again and it didn’t go well. But I had the tools to get myself back on track. I’m not that person anymore. I was grateful to see how much I’ve grown and used that setback to propel me forward."
" I see everything so clearly now–my life isn’t toxic or complicated. "
 “I am so glad I met Colleen and took this journey to not only quit drinking but also to learn how to use my feelings to guide me instead of avoiding them. I see everything so clearly now–my life isn’t toxic or complicated. PS: I just attended my first tailgate sober and had more fun than I’ve had in years. There were no brownouts, emotional dramas or next day hang-xiety. I deejayed and corn-hole’d and laughed and went home when I was tired. I actually felt sorry for the people drinking themselves sick in the hot sun.
“My spouse/
all drink.”
I'm going to be honest with you.

Sometimes I feel a tinge of longing when someone pops the cork on a bottle of champagne.

We are social creatures. As you know, humans are hard-wired to mimic the behaviors of those in our tribe.

But compare a few minutes of feeling deprived with days and years of anxiety, shame and regret. It's a no-brainer.

It's true that drinking feels good for an hour or two. And sobriety occasionally feels uncomfortable.

But discomfort is bearable when it serves a purpose. Life is exponentially better and easier when alcohol is no longer a priority.

The truth is that you're going to have second thoughts about any decision you make. Life can feel complicated.

Choose your complications wisely. 

“I don't want
to quit forever.”
You don't have to.

No decision or commitment is permanent, no matter how hard you promise.

Certainty is an emotion, not a fact.

You can tell yourself whatever story you want. And so can I. But neither of us can predict the future.

Maybe learning to trust in your ability to self-correct is more valuable than swearing you'll never drink again.

Would you agree that the REAL goal--the reason you're considering sobriety--is that you want to feel better?

You want to feel less stressed. More present. Calm, clear and confident.

Have you considered that the reasons you're thinking about quitting are the SAME reasons why you drink in the first place?

Keep the goal. Just change your strategy.

“Now is not a good time.
I have an event coming up.”
You’re assuming that not drinking is going to be hard and also not fun. Am I right?

But isn't fighting the riptide of alcohol use disorder hard and also not fun? Would you agree that living as you are is exhausting?

What if sobriety is a REPRIEVE from the harsh and punishing reality you’re in?

That being said, you’re right to realize that changing your lifestyle will require some time & attention.

Just don't assume that taking care of yourself will feel intrusive and interruptive.

It's drinking that's intrusive and interruptive.

And thinking you should wait to feel better is like procrastinating getting a drink of water when you’re thirsty or refusing to go to the bathroom when you need to pee.

Giving yourself what you need—right in the middle of your busy life—will make life easier.

On the same day I quit drinking, I still joined my drinking friends for a bonfire.

Surprisingly, I felt safe for the first time in years. Hopeful! Because I wasn’t going to drink myself sick and stupid.

Taking the time to do this course so that you are excited to stay sober at your upcoming event might feel like the best decision you’ve made in a long time.

You might even become one of those annoying happy people.

Glowing is more fun than drinking. Just saying.

“I can’t afford this.”
The REAL question is “How will I afford to keep drinking?

Because you already know the price. Drinking is costing you money, time, health, relationships, career goals, stress, sleep quality, etc.

Cha-Ching. The meter is running.

You can guess it's not really about the money though. If one of your kids needed a kidney or your dog needed surgery or you needed bail money after a DUI, you'd find the money.

We both know where there's a will, there's a way.

This is about the fear of change. 

You probably can’t visualize a version of yourself who is sober AND happy about it.

Which is exactly how I will help you.

This course will change your relationship with alcohol once and for all so that you want to stay sober.

If you're really serious about feeling better, you have a choice to make. You can continue to fight a losing battle (addiction is progressive). Or you can invest in the solution that will set you free.

And that's why I've included a money-back guarantee with this course. So if it's not a good fit, you can reinvest somewhere else. 

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About Colleen
After a year of marching in lock-step under the tenets of conventional sobriety, Colleen realized she’d exchanged one set of limiting beliefs for another. Recover with Colleen is an evidenced-based alternative for problem drinkers who want to heal their brains and reclaim their time, energy and joy without identifying as “recovering alcoholics.”
Colleen Kachmann is a recovery-certified Master Coach and author of Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness. She holds a MS in health coaching, a BS in education and a women’s functional and integrative medicine professional certificate.
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