Recover With Colleen The Next Chapter
Do you drink more than you should?
Permanently reduce alcohol consumption by 80 percent so you don't have to quit.
Evidence-based, holistic brain training for professional women.

Change how you think about alcohol so you can drink (and not drink) like a normal person.

Get Happy. Not Sober.

Escape the all-or-nothing mindset that triggers the habit of over-drinking so you never have to "start over" again!

"This is literally a boot camp for your brain."

 Would you like to....
Feel patient and present with your family in the evenings (instead of resentful)...because your own needs are being met.
Attend social events without obsessing if there will be "enough" to drink... because you enjoy drinking non-alcoholic beverages and have a "less is more" approach to alcohol.
Feel comfortable in your skin when you're not drinking...even when life is overwhelming or friends think you're more fun when you're drunk.
Have no desire to drink when you're stressed... because you have better coping skills and your brain no longer associates alcohol with stress relief. 

Enjoy "ME" time without the urge to stay up too late drinking...even when you can't sleep.

Feel proud of your integrity because you are who you say you are... even when you're alone and no one but you will know or care.
Feel confident in your identity as a powerful woman with a purpose in life –without labeling yourself as a drinker OR a non-drinker. 
How do you expect to feel truly powerful if you subscribe to the belief that you can't control yourself around alcohol?
     Y O U  C A N ' T.    
Which is why the biggest mistake you can make when you realize drinking has become a problem is to: 
Identify as an alcoholic 
Commit to a lifetime of abstinence
Believe you are “hard-wired” for addiction
 Alcoholism is not a disease. Over-drinking is a habit. You practiced the art and skill of drinking, because you believed
Alcohol is a reward/treat/social lubricant.
Alcohol helps you relax and get to sleep.
Staying sober is hard, boring and/or pointless.
Alcohol is not the problem.  Your beliefs about alcohol (and what it can do for you) are the problem.  And the only way to permanently change how you drink is to change your beliefs.
Which is why getting "sober" is only a temporary solution. Because changing your behavior is not the same thing as changing your mind.

Eventually your motivation to be "perfect" will fade. Your self-confidence will return. And you'll want a reward for being so "good."

If you want to escape the bipolar swings between over-indulgence and self-denial, you must break the all-or-nothing thinking habits that prevent you from being able to enjoy drinking in moderation.
If you want to drink (and not drink) like a normal person, you have to learn how to think like a normal person.

Wouldn't it be nice to trust yourself?
Over-drinking isn't about your relationship with alcohol. It's about your relationship with yourself. 
Here’s what they don’t tell you in other recovery programs:
 The BELIEF that you can’t control yourself, coupled with a lack of coping skills to manage stress, is what drives over-drinking…NOT the intoxicating effects of alcohol or an "addictive personality." 
Identifying as a “sober alcoholic” increases your risk of binge-drinking in the future by nine-fold.
Your ability to self-regulate will be stronger than "normal drinkers" if you break your emotional attachment to alcohol, even after decades of heavy drinking (based on measured synaptic density in the prefrontal cortex, 6-12 months into recovery).
Which means you absolutely can learn how to moderate and/or prefer sobriety by retraining your unconscious mind.
When you invest the time and energy to change the way you think instead of relying on willpower to control how much you drink, you’ll be FREE. For life.
Why spend thousands of dollars on rehab or outpatient therapy, or hundreds of hours in AA meetings reinforcing the EXACT BELIEFS that are keeping you stuck?
Instead, you can choose how much to drink based on what makes you happy.


How this program is different…
Science shows that people who believe that changing their drinking habits will lead to greater happiness are easily and permanently able to self-correct.

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Master the 8 core principles of the Accelerated Recovery Process© when you join The Next Chapter.   
Learn how to manage your mind so that you're no longer held hostage by intrusive thoughts. If you're not managing your subconscious, it's managing you.
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Over-thinking causes inflammation and keeps you in a chronic state of stress. Learn how to regulate your nervous system in real time so you no longer feel the need to numb or escape your own body.
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Coaching & Community
Science shows the fastest way to change your mind (and learn something new) is to join a tribe of like-minded people. If you want long-lasting change, you'll need guidance, feedback, support, accountability, immersion and repetition.
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Dopamine Regulation
If you're a heavy drinker, your base-line levels of dopamine are deficient. Which is why instant gratification is hard to resist. Learn how to use self-directed neuroplasticity to recalibrate your brain chemistry so you can experience pleasure when you do something hard.
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Emotional Sobriety
You can use your brain to solve problems instead of creating them once you're no longer intoxicated by your own bullshit. Get the cognitive tools to separate fact from fiction so you can identify your  subconscious biases and reclaim your personal power. 
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Fixed to Growth Mindset
As long as you believe "it is what it is" and "you are who you are," you're fixed mindset will prevent you from changing. Learn how to apply the same growth mindset you've already mastered in your professional life to the mental and emotional challenges in your personal life. 
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Honesty (radical)
Truth is your experience of the present moment....not the ideas you think are "right." Acknowledging the whole truth in any given moment allows you to resolve conflicting beliefs in a way that serves your best interest (so you no longer waste precious energy fighting against subconscious urges).
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You only do, think or feel things that align with your beliefs about who you think you are.  Trying to earn or prove your worthiness will eventually cause you to act like someone who doesn't deserve it. Learn to BE the person you want to be FIRST... so you can DO what you need to do.
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The Next Chapter will teach you how to take actions that cause happiness. 
And the only rule you'll ever need to follow is your own intuition.

Are you ready to step into a level of personal power unlike anything you can even imagine right now?

 Think about generational healing
the ripple effect…the value to yourself, your family and the world when you finally STOP… 

 Wasting your time worrying about past and future drinking.
 Thinking you can’t control yourself because you lack willpower and integrity.
 Trying to outsmart your subconscious truth with clever new schemes to manipulate your own behavior.
 Continually “starting over” because your all-or-nothing, perfectionistic mindset leaves no room for error.
 Beating yourself up because you think the motivation to DO good will improve if/when you FEEL bad.
  Imagine how your life will change when you’re able to: 
  Say “no” or “yes” when you’re offered a drink because you see it as a choice… instead of having a pity party because you feel deprived and left out…OR waking up full of shame and regret. 
  Connect with the calm, clear and conscious version of yourself that already exists... instead of waiting to be "fixed" because you have to account for your past mistakes and earn everyone’s trust.
  Be at peace with past failures and regret while feeling immense gratitude that you’re not stuck anymore.
  Wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day…instead of bleary-eyed and anxious.
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 Have you read the self-help books? Listened to mindset podcasts? Asked google about your secret questions?
 “How do I stop drinking?"
“Am I an alcoholic?”
Why do I over-think everything?
Unfortunately, knowing why something is wrong doesn’t make it right.

Stop looking for answers to shitty questions... 
Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to know…"How do I live with purpose and meaning and magic?" 
Reading, listening and googling do not solve problems. But working with a coach can alter the trajectory of your life.

While therapists are trained to help you make sense of the past, coaches are trained to guide you forward. Push you out of that comfort zone…because it's officially holding you back.
 Are you ready to escape the insanity? Or do you want to keep going over the reasons why you’re stuck?
Doing this alone is like trying to do hair and make up without a mirror. If you could do this alone, you would be doing it already.

You’re not stuck due to lack of willpower... or integrity...or innate character defects.

You’re stuck for one reason.
Alcohol use disorder is a thinking problem, not a drinking problem. And you can’t think your way out of a thinking problem. 
And my superpower is helping women reverse engineer their thoughts and feelings to align with a greater sense of purpose. So they can be free-–not just from alcohol, but from perfectionism, people-pleasing, chronic overthinking and shame.
 I was a high functioning daily drinker for at least 15 years. I tried willpower, busy-ness, yoga and meditation, and read ALL the self-help books on habit change.

Then I went to AA, only to be indoctrinated by the idea that I had to live in fear of my lifelong disease because something was wrong with my brain.  
Now, my relationship with alcohol is healthy. I enjoy an occasional glass of wine without shame or fear that I’ll lose control. I don't have to pace myself, or count or worry that I'll over do it.

Every action I take (including drinking AND not drinking) have meaning because I live with intention. I tackle challenges with a sense of self-compassion, realistic expectations, and objectivity.
I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to. And so are you.
The Next Chapter is your gateway to a higher level of consciousness. Coupling mindset work with nervous system regulation is HOW I help you achieve that.
This program is exactly what I needed and didn’t get when I woke up to the reality that, as beautiful as my life was, it also sucked. I was a prisoner–of a dysregulated nervous system as well as my belief system.
My program is a bootcamp for mental health. Get the direction, support, and cutting edge, evidence-based, scientific strategies to immediately start managing your brain so that your brain is no longer managing you.
Changing how you think will change who you are. Literally. You will evolve at the biochemical and energetic levels. 
The difference between who I am now and who I was as a drinker is consciousness. I am aware of myself and of my options. I’ve always believed in autonomy and liberation. I just didn't know that my own brain was the primary source of my oppression.
It feels super badass to think that you live by your own rules.
But you don’t.
Struggling for control is proof you're not really in control. Trying to use the 5 percent of your brain that is conscious to override the 95 percent that is subconscious is exhausting.

My function as your coach will be to teach you how to identify the hidden rules that are holding you hostage.

Because that’s the only way to break them.
I’m a revolutionary... cleverly disguised as a recovery coach.
Are you ready to break the rules so you can liberate the passionate, powerful and happy version of you?
Your Path To Transformation
I believe you can do anything you believe is possible. My job is to show you what’s possible and to help you start acting like it’s true. And I’m really good at my job.

Here's what's included.
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Immersive, high-touch coaching with Colleen
Two group coaching calls each week with Colleen for guidance, support and accountability. Never miss a call... Replays available.
Weekly office hours for additional, one-on-one support
The Next Chapter Resource Guide 256-page workbook shipped directly to your house that guides you through the Accelerated Recovery Process©.
Audio-only delivery via Secret Podcast feed for replays and course work so you can learn on the go... no more logging into the website and watching videos (unless you want to).
Community Platform on Voxer (completely private and not connected to social media) where you further develop friendships and engage in authentic conversation.
Email and text support with Colleen.
Small group setting to facilitate connection and friendships 
Free access to bonus workshops, and classes
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Evidence-based brain-training for professional women who want to quickly reduce alcohol consumption by 80 percent so you don't have to quit.
 Worried all that won't be enough to change that stubborn brain of yours...?
Here's how we'll bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Schedule your bonus 1:1 coaching call with Colleen when you fall off the proverbial wagon (or just need your hand held) ($500 value) 
Breathwork with Victoria: attend our monthly group breathwork session (or watch the replay anytime) to reset your nervous system and release emotional pain without having to "figure everything out."  ($30/month value)
Are you a heavy drinker and worried about withdrawals? Use my signature 10 Days to Spontaneous Sobriety course to manage detox symptoms, sleep and social situations. ($500 value)
Want to enjoy drinking without counting, pacing yourself or worrying you'll over do it? Reconnect with the sensual experience in Lessons in Mindful Drinking so you can discover how much (and how little) alcohol makes you happy. ($500 value)
Are you feeling stuck about the decision to stop drinking for awhile because you feel a strong attachment to your identity as a drinker? Start with my 5-Hour Change Your Mind masterclass for a step-by-step process to stop thinking of drinking like it's a sport so you can imbibe wisely with the drug we call alcohol. ($300 value)
Lifetime access to Foundations of Emotional Sobriety course…the fast-acting mindset tool you can use again and again to work through painful events, conflict in relationships and big life decisions. ($100 value)
Click Here To Apply 
If you want to change the story of who you are...
Change your tribe.
"First off, let me be very clear….Colleen is amazing! Prior to working with her, I never thought I could work through some of the tough challenges in my life. All I wanted to do was slow down on my drinking. Turns out that not only have a done that, I am in a much healthier place with all of her content and coaching calls. This is an incredibly life changing course."


"This program is unique, refreshing and very relatable. I have been wanting to dive much deeper into the WHYs of addiction/recovery and truly understand how to find sustainable actions and continue growing - this program offers so much. Colleen has a wealth of knowledge and strategies - and is a lot of fun too!"

"I’ve been struggling for so long, asking myself the same stupid questions and repeating the same mistakes. The Next Chapter has changed my life. I have completely quit drinking and am shocked at how easy it’s been. And I’m excited to know I can drink again when my brain heals. But there’s no hurry. This is about ME, not alcohol."


"Colleen doesn't focus on the addiction to alcohol - but guides you to search deeper to find and correct the disconnect. In my 5 months of recovery/sobriety, she has taught me how to practice self care and opened a whole new perspective about myself that in my 56 years has been in hibernation. I've tried so many times to quit before--paid for coaching, apps, books, etc...Colleen made this journey about me, not the substance, and I am forever grateful I found her. I highly recommend her program - she's my lifesaver."


"If you want a “nice lady” coach who will tiptoe around your trauma and never call you out on your BS, Colleen is NOT for you. But if you’re ready to face the harsh and uncomfortable truth, sign up for her program today! Sometimes I call her the “demon lady” but then I keep showing up because she’s hard core and it works. Thanks to Colleen, I finally know HOW to be the person I actually want to be."

-Marcie Oates
"Anyone who has struggled with addictive personality, substance abuse, or is simply looking for a fresh perspective with unlimited learning opportunities for self growth. If you are tired of the same old programs, I suggest Colleen's classes and coaching."


Once you start taking yourself and your needs seriously, the only "rule" you have to follow is your own intuition.
Let's talk about money.
WHY do we buy name-brand clothes, nice cars and the best home we can afford to finance? Or splurge on restaurants, travel and pricey facials?

If you're like me, you like having the option to upgrade.

Choice makes you happy.
And having to choose between over-drinking and quitting because you can't control yourself isn't a choice.

It's a hostage negotiation.

Am I right?

Hiring me as your coach and going all in on The Next Chapter is literally how you buy happiness*.
*Assembly required. 🛠️👷🏼‍♀️
Still worried about money? Then let's go there.
When I saw the price tag on my first coaching program, my first thought was, “NOPE…I can't afford this.

Truth was, I just didn't want to spend the money.

But what's money for if not to buy happiness? There can be no return on investment without an actual investment in your mental health.

What's the alternative?
How much will it cost if you:
Lose your job and/or respect of family because you can’t control your drinking? 
Spend another decade of your life repeating the same mistakes? 
Have to pay legal fees or health expenses to cover drinking-related problems?
Waste your one precious life because you're trapped in stupid habits that don't even make you happy?
You already know you could stop drinking for awhile with the right motivation. So you could just join a free challenge or a $99 program. You'll feel like a million bucks in a few weeks.

But then what? If you're not planning to stay sober for the rest of your life, you'll end up returning to old habits.

Stop starting over.

Where do you want to be one year from now?

How will you get there?

Will the cost of this program be the barrier to everything you deserved but didn't follow through on?

Or the best money you ever spent?
Are you ready to invest in the quality of your life?
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