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Because the only way to stop over-drinking (without quitting) is to retrain your brain to enjoy using alcohol in moderation.
End Your Obsession with Alcohol.
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This is a thinking problem, not a drinking problem.

You don't have to choose between happiness and sobriety.

There's a better way.
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This was a fresh approach that presented the struggle with alcohol in a very meaningful and impactful way. Colleen got my attention right off the bat and held it. So good to see a switch from the old views on "alcoholism." It is a "thinking problem, not a drinking problem." I've thought that for years but haven't found groups or therapy supporting that approach. Thank you, Colleen 
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 Marian L (Previous ARP Masterclass Attendee) 
Pursuing happiness instead of sobriety is the only way to regain complete control over your subconscious mind so over-drinking no longer sounds "fun" or "relaxing."
Which is why the BIGGEST MISTAKES you can make are to:
Identify as an alcoholic.
Commit to lifelong abstinence.
Believe your personality is "hard-wired for addiction.
According to SCIENCE
(and contrary to pop culture)
Alcoholism is NOT a disease.

Alcoholism is a HABIT.
You learned to drink through repetition because you believe:
 Alcohol is a reward, treat and social lubricant.
Alcohol helps you relax and get to sleep.
Staying sober is hard, boring and pointless.
Alcohol is not the problem.
Your beliefs about alcohol are the problem.

And the ONLY way to change the way you drink is to change how you think.
Are you ready to decide for yourself how much alcohol actually makes you happy?
Get happy, not sober. Because truly happy people don't drink themselves into a stupor.
Shift your focus to happiness so you can heal your relationship with yourself and...
Drink a way that feels good and make you happy...without worrying, counting or pacing yourself. 
Feel comfortable in your own skin when you're not drinking...even when life is overwhelming or friends think you're funnier when you're drunk. 
Enjoy "ME" time without staying up too late drinking...even when you can't sleep and feel tempted to say "Screw it...I"ll just start over on Monday."
Have self-esteem and a sense of integrity even when you're alone and no one will know because you have a new sense of purpose in life and a clear vision for the future.
Feel confident about who you are--without seeing yourself as a drinker or non-drinker.
 Because who you are has nothing to do with what you drink.

Your true purpose in life is not connected to alcohol in any way. 
Meet Your Instructor
Colleen Kachmann
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Colleen Kachmann doesn't identify as "sober," and was able to reintroduce alcohol (after 3 years of abstinence) without issue.

Colleen is the host of the It's Not About the Alcohol podcast, a recovery-certified Master Coach and author of the book Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness. She holds a master of science in recovery coaching, a BS in education, and a women's functional and integrative medicine professional certificate.

Like most high-functioning perfectionist drinkers, Colleen's goal was to get better at drinking. But after a full year of sobriety, she still felt perpetually hungover. Everything changed when she dove into the research that taught her how to get better at thinking.

Colleen developed the Accelerated Recovery Process© using evidence-based strategies in neurophysiology and positive psychology that have been scientifically proven to help people change. She has helped hundreds of clients bypass the stigma and shame that accompanies substance use disorders and learn how to trust themselves again--with or without a drink in their hand.

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When you take
radical ownership
of your life... past, present and future...
And let go of blame and limitations... you
 immediately restore your Personal Power.
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learn when and why you gave your power away and EXACTLY how to take it back. 
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