The Next Chapter
of Your Life with
Purpose and Meaning.

Break self-defeating thought patterns and behavior.
Change the question from "WHY can't I?" to "HOW can I?"
With Results Like These:
"I am at peace with who I am. It feels so good to not be so reactive anymore."
"I love the women. I love the meetings. I actually love myself now! So grateful!"
"I wanted a sober tribe that doesn't focus on alcohol. Found it!"
It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Recovery.
Three or more people who come together to discuss, brainstorm, create, solve and elevate each other's lives. Bound by honesty, confidentiality and accountability.
The Next Chapter is an online coaching community
Where you can grow and evolve with a tribe of like-minded women who are also liberating themselves from internalized oppression and self-imposed limitations.
The fundamental element that defines the quality of our lives is the people with whom we surround ourselves and the conversations that we have with them.
The Next Chapter Membership Includes:
   LIVE group coaching calls each week with Colleen where you get individual support AND learn from listening.
Weekly/monthly topics delivered via email with video/audio lessons and companion reading and reflection exercises.
Community platform (that's completely private and not connected to social media) where you further develop friendships and engage in authentic conversation. 
Access to the library of archived calls and theme content. 
Ask Colleen for support via email. 
  Access to mini-courses in the curated library of emotional sobriety topics:
  • Understand and overcome post-acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Break the stress cycle and reduce overwhelm and burnout
  • Heal shame and deal with guilt
  • How to change codependent relationship dynamics
  • Differentiate between your desired vs. lived values so you can step into authenticity
  • Manage and heal loneliness
  • Overcome internalized and patriarchal oppression
  • Weight loss and nutrition
  • And so much more . . .
How Much Does The Next Chapter Cost?
Private coaching packages with me start at $1000. And while I love working one-on-one with clients, group synergy is powerful. Listening to other women's stories helps you make sense of your own.  
The membership fee for The Next Chapter is $99/month. But the real investment is time.

For best results, dedicate a few hours every week to dive into the theme, participate in the live calls (or listen to the replays) and work through any additional content that catches your attention. 

Get Friendship, Guidance and the Support You Need to Be the Most Calm, Clear And Confident Version Of Yourself
6 Months Free ($588 in Savings)
Cancel At Anytime
The Next Chapter is for kick-ass women ready to level up.
  • You're a strong willed, high functioning overachiever who just needs to figure out how to get out of your own way.
  • Your identity is mostly defined by your responsibilities and the expectations of other people.
  • You’re afraid to explore your emotions because you assume the resentment and discontent you feel means you've lost your abilities and talent OR that your entire life needs to change.
  • The pursuit of perfection has left you burned out, overwhelmed and at this point, apathetic.
  • Your life feels like a house of cards. Self-defeating coping mechanisms keep you on a hamster wheel of exhaustion. Because you don’t have the time, clarity or energy to do something different.
  • You're willing to learn how to practice self-care so that you have time, energy and desire to focus on topics other than yourself.
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Commit. To your own growth. To being vulnerable and to holding space for the vulnerability of others. To giving and to receiving wholeheartedly. To skipping the small talk in favor of real conversations.
Find your power, understand your WHY and make a connection to something that is greater than any problem.
Take 100 percent responsibility for your thoughts and feelings so that you can create a life you don't need to escape.
Observe the difference between the facts and what you're making them mean so that you can break self-defeating patterns and make better decisions. 
Identify the limiting beliefs and habits that are cutting you off from Source Energy. Choose new mindsets that serve your purpose and learn how to activate them. 
Allow and process your emotions (instead of numbing and/or ignoring them) so they become guides instead of your Achilles heel. Discover the purpose of anger, fear, anxiety and depression.
Practice, fall short, learn, try again. Rinse and repeat in all contexts of your life.
"It's been a whole year since I took my last sip of wine--ok, bottle."
I'm celebrating my sober-versary today. Being in this group has changed the way I think and feel about everything. I've grown to become the creator of the life I want. I feel free, liberated and full of peace. I've learned to let go, live in the present, chose differently, chose love. I'm loving this new chapter of my life.
" I don't feel lonely and left out anymore. "
"After I quit drinking, I felt lost. AA wasn't for me and I had no sense of direction. Working with Colleen has helped me find my path. I know how to be myself. I don't feel lonely and left out anymore."
" I see everything so clearly now–my life isn’t toxic or complicated. "
“I am so glad I met Colleen and took this journey to not only quit drinking but also to learn how to use my feelings to guide me instead of avoiding them. I see everything so clearly now–my life isn’t toxic or complicated.
6 Months Free ($588 in Savings)
Cancel At Anytime
Difficult circumstances and/or other people DO NOT cause unhappiness. Discomfort is an inside job--the result of negative thinking and self-defeating emotional patterns.
Happiness is a skill. A choice. A habit.
Rewrite your identity and improve your relationship with yourself. So that you can handle life with clarity and confidence. 
Sound Familiar?
Do you have:
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Stacks of unread self-help books on the nightstand
Closet full of clothes that you don’t wear because they don’t fit, and you don’t care anymore
Upside-down finances fueled by impulse purchases, making the minimum payments on debt and promising to get your shit together after you resolve the latest round of setbacks
Half-completed projects that prove you can’t finish what you start
A dusty and outdated vision board you’ve long since abandoned
The Next Chapter will give you the tools to KNOW:
  • I am in control.
  • I know what I’m doing.
  • I have the power to change what I don’t like.
  • I can stand on my own two feet.
  • I have clarity and confidence in who I am.
  • My needs and wants matter. Because I matter.
6 Months Free ($588 in Savings)
Cancel At Anytime
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About Colleen
Colleen uses the term “non-drinker” to describe her relationship with alcohol. But she doesn’t focus on or identify in any way with alcohol. Instead, she prides herself on practicing emotional sobriety, a skill that she sums up with, “when you accept responsibility for the problem, you become the solution.”
Colleen Kachmann is a recovery-certified Master Coach and author of Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness. She holds a MS in health coaching, a BS in education and a women’s functional and integrative medicine professional certificate.
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